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Florida Foreclosure Attorneys is a real estate law firm practicing in all state courts and federal courts in Florida. Florida Foreclosure Attorneys represents banks, mortgage lenders, creditors, and national mortgage default servicing companies. Lead by a highly skilled, aggressive, and experienced team of attorneys, with full scale knowledge of the challenges facing the banks, mortgage lenders, and mortgage servicing companies in the face of an unprecedented increase in default properties, Florida Foreclosure Attorneys is able to provide the highest quality legal representation available.


They handle both residential and commercial property foreclosures throughout the state of Florida. Florida Foreclosure Attorneys is a “cradle to grave” firm providing end-to-end service (foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, REO closing, and title) to its clients. This group of skilled attorneys manage and communicate the status of each file every step of the way. Their goal is to exceed customary legal services by insisting on the personal communication between each of our attorneys and our clients throughout the entire process. Our state-of-the-art technology systems allow clients access to files in real time.


With over 30 years of experience in the Title Insurance Industry and representation of the largest national title insurance underwriters, we have compiled an unsurpassed network of title insurance underwriters through each county in the state of Florida. With this network, we are able to provide the absolute fastest turnaround of title work further enabling our team’s ability to meet any timeline requirement and expectations of our clients. Florida Foreclosure Attorneys, PLLC is a member of the USFN (America’s Mortgage Servicing Attorneys).


They offer the following services:

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